SG Breaks 50 Challenge!

SG Breaks 50 Challenge!

Hey South Glengarry - the municipal election is coming up on October 24th and your municipal Clerk’s department is issuing a challenge for SG to Break 50!  What exactly does SG Breaks 50 mean? The Township is challenging voters in South Glengarry to cast their ballots and surpass the 50% voter turnout mark in the 2022 municipal election.

Over the last 3 elections, voter turnout in the Township of South Glengarry has hovered just below the 50% mark. Voter turnout for the 2010 election was 48.6% and 44% for the 2014 election. The most recent election in 2018 saw 44.7% of eligible voters cast their votes.

Voter turnout has been on the decline across the province over the last several elections, falling to 38.3% in 2018, compared to 43.12% in 2014 and 44.35% in 2010.

So why should you vote in the municipal election? Your municipality provides day-to-day services that you rely on such as waste collection, fire services, snow removal, recreation and much more! Elected officials are the decision makers – they establish policies and ultimately decide how your property tax dollars are spent. Your vote makes a difference!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing important information about the municipal election and how you can be a voter and help SG Break 50! Be sure to check out election website for updates throughout the election period –

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